Meet Vic

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Think of me as your “Startup Design Coach” helping you strategize to successfully put your business online.


Hi, my name is Vic and I am the guy behind the virtual curtain. As a fellow entrepreneur, I will be working with you to make your startup business a success.

My background of experiences in web development, social entrepreneurship, green business startups, and technical design and engineering, which make me a great choice to help you define and build your business and put it online.

Business Know How

To be clear, I’m not just a web designer. Rather, I can handle the creation of most every aspect of your startup business – From new idea conception, to strategic process, to promoting and marketing,  to product/service sales. All done through your website … which is not really just a website. It’s your business!

Whether some or all of your startup business is done using an online environment, none of us can can get away without knowing the ins and outs of online commerce for presenting and delivering our products and services to the right marketplaces. Thus, your site needs to be much more than a place to post information. Your online business needs to convert your ideas and your product or service offerings into paying clients. This is known as ‘conversion’, which will be one of our primary focuses as we build out your online business together.

This is why you need someone like me. As a short term partner and coach, I will help you to understand and apply the numerous subject matters that your micro startup needs to address in order to be successful.

Technically Savvy

I am a senior systems designer who combines my internet technical skills with business knowledge to effectively generate powerful online work solutions and websites for small business entrepreneurs and micro startup applications. My education and experiences include social entrepreneurship, technical applications in web design, project management, process engineering, strategic business planning, organizational development, social innovation, and entrepreneurial and startups formulation.

Masterful Coach

I am also highly skilled in the area of coaching and personal and small team support. I have spent many years watching human behavior, how we act with each other, how we address our fears, and how our overall behavior influences our failure and success. Each of us, including myself, needs support external to ourselves in order to deal with the mental and emotional struggles that arise as business owner. No matter how much of a superstar you are, reaching success is never achieved alone.

I have an evolved comprehension of systems innovation, technical design, business management, and human behavior. Together these skills provide for the holistic understanding necessary to support entrepreneurs who are taking the leap to build their own micro startups.