Best Tools and Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Best Tools and Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Got a startup business to build but need some help?

Let’s team up!

Well, there are many ways to skin a cat. And now, with today’s online tools environments, you have lots to choose from. I’ve spent lots of time studying, reviewing, and using tools and frameworks for business development, and continue to do so. Everything from strategic planning, to daily applications that help to run your business like tasking, project management, calendaring, collaboration, communication, to web-related management tools for developing and promoting content, searching for correlating markets, social media, analyzing web traffic and conversion, and watching customer activity on your site … on and on. There is so much to consider! And each day new tools come online that do the job even better. Sure keeps me busy!

That’s why I’ve created this community-shared set of recommended solutions for startups.

I’ll add some of my own to show you tools and processes I use with clients. But MORE IMPORTANT, I want those of you who have been around the block a few times to recommend the tools, articles, and other resources that you have used, for what purpose, and why you use them. In this way, this process becomes a collaboration of startup knowledge and entrepreneurial smarts from amazing minds sharing ‘best of’ solutions that we can all gain value from. Make sense?

Join us. Let’s build the best entrepreneur’s resource list on the web!

To the right is a quicky form to fill out. Help build the best tools list that startups can use to build their online businesses. Anything goes. Just tell us why you use them and where to get access to them. Over time you’ll see a growing list of tools. So come by to check out the new additions every once in awhile.

Best Tools and Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Startup Entrepreneurs Tools & Support List

Here’s what I’m up to …

This is only the beginning to creating a collaborative community list of supportive tools and informational resources for helping entrepreneur startups move themselves along. It’s only the beginning!

Once we get many of you inputting valuable information and resources to share with each other, I’d like to get all of you connected in some way to build a community of spirited folks, just like yourself, who need resources and support to get their ‘doing good’ businesses off the ground. I’m only one of those resources. There are so many others.

Maybe we build an entrepreneurial business startup community to support each other?

Maybe one that’s socially-minded and environmentally-aware?

As we get momentum, I’ll bring everyone’s suggestions together in a way where we can all vote on them. We’ll build a ‘BEST OF’ set of solutions and make them available to everyone. Interested? Then fill out the form to the right to begin sharing your insights. 

After that, we’ll see if it looks promising to build a community of social entrepreneurs that can ongoingly support each other as we continue build out solutions together to make our world a better place.


Let me know what you think by completing the form.

Add links to tools and information that have helped you build your startup business. Note the last questions ask for your input on what you feel the value of something like this could be. I would love to hear your suggestions for moving forward.

Stay tuned. Results will be posted and you will be notified. 

Best Tools and Resources for Startups and Entrepreneurs