Planning Your eBusiness


Why a business needs to place itself on the web

Most of my clients are considering and have already placed their business online. Few understand why it’s so important to have a presence online, and what is actually involved to improve the bottom line. The reason you need to strongly consider putting your business on the web is this: Online, you have the ability to access magnitudes more people that are actually looking for what you have to offer. Rather than using the old “push” marketing approaches, which is so often a shot in the dark with hopes of hitting a few that have interest in your business. Instead the web allows you to have the power to use the web’s “pull” marketing approaches to accurately target the actual people that want your product or service. Here are some interesting statistics to drive this point home.

Every “MINUTE” on the web, there is incomprehensible amounts of activity going on … How will anyone ever find your business?

  • 3 billion plus internet users
  • 329 million people read blogs every month
  • 1.35 billion active users on Facebook monthly
  • 350,000 tweets through Twitter sent every minute
  • 300 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute
  • 3.3 billion product and information searches
  • 84% of all email traffic sent is spam
  • 4.54 billion pages indexed at Google

Building an Effective and Profitable Website 

Doing business online is not as simple as just pasting some content and pictures onto a couple web pages. In fact, it really involves all the aspects of building a business – only it’s online (virtual) rather than at a physical location. There are many complexities, and I will guide you through the process to choose the correct internet solutions to meet your business needs and build a website that brings you more customers and more business activity. Here is an outline of what we will be considering as part of your website design.

  1. Business Model Planning for Online Success
  2. Company Branding and Unique Identity Creation
  3. Content and Copy Development
  4. Website Design and Implementation with Latest Functionality
  5. Online Marketing and Target Niche Determination
  6. Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Implementation
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  8. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  9. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  10. Web Based Support Tools and Training
  11. Sales Funnel Conversion Optimization

My Turnkey eBusiness Website Design Process

These days, website development has become a tightly integrated solution that combines previously separate functions into one seamless solution called a ‘Content Management System’ (CMS). To do this, we are careful to combine all the necessary ingredients to make you and your customers have a great online experience. For a great price, you will get a site that’s beautiful, contextually outstanding, search engine visible, and social media presence – making your site a bottom line effective business solution.

How To Build Your Online Business

To build your business online, we start with a super set outline of web development processes, as shown below. Each item listed correlates to an action that needs to be taken to create your site. Typically, three or four phases are used to partition the evolution of a complete web site design. Your particular is customized to your situation and the desired outcomes that you’d like to see come from your website.


Website Development & Implementation

The following outlines the steps for creating an integrated website business solution. It provides a base-line for understanding your deliverables (found below this section) as part of our turnkey development process, known as DESIGN – BUILD – OPTIMIZE – MAINTAIN.

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    (I) Client inquiry
    * Determine client needs (see ‘client requests’ category above)
    * Formulate solution set and delivery milestones (using outline below)
    * Agree upon deliverables, time, and fee for services

    (II) Choose Business Model To Best Fit Online Needs (how money is made)
    * Publishing Site – Creative writing, news, photos, videos, music, etc.
    * Product, New – Your own product design and sales
    * Product, Existing – Retailing existing goods
    * Service, Informational – Consultant, coach, advisor, facilitator, teacher, etc.
    * Service, Applications – Associations, plumbers, lawyers, doctors, etc., direct purchases
    * Affiliate – Sell other peoples products or services for a fee or commission
    * Advertising, Promotions – Value from access to discounts through coupons and posted ads
    * Community – Interactive open environments for people to meet, interact, and discover
    * Directory – Value created from membership synergy and interaction
    * Workshops, Collaboration Spaces – Synchronous & asynchronous project oriented applications

    (lII) Determine Niche Business Market(s) to Target
    * Client market(s) research and Industry market(s) research
    * Keywords research based on customer industry use analysis
    * Company branding considerations
    * Develop company logo and slogan based on markets and branding

    (IV) Website Pre-Design and Configuration
    * Site content development based on keyword phrases of targeted markets
    * Select and purchase domain name and select key words based on identity and market research
    * Determine existing CMS template or custom frame, and primary plugins to be used
    * Configure content that aligns with search engine optimization & marketing SEO/SEM
    * Community and list building development through blogging, forums, member groups, enewsletters, etc
    * Community interfacing through social media marketing SMM



    (V) Site Platform Setup
    * Web hosting configuration
    * Site infrastructure design, architecture, and configuration
    * CMS installation and implementation (Wordpress foundation)
    * Initial client database installation (if needed)
    * Selection of internal WP key-function plugins and widgets
    * Selection of external collaboration tools and embedded widgets
    * Implement blog system

    (VI) Content Development
    Text (copy) development
    * Creation of fresh targeted content
    * Sales copy
    * User targeted placement of page imagery and content
    * Edit and optimize existing content based on keywording
    Image development
    * Incorporating graphics and pictures for copy
    * Graphic design of logo
    * Graphic design of header
    * Photo work such as head shots, company, and products
    * Promotional videos production

    (VII) Internet Presence: Ranking and Traffic Building (SEO, SEM, & SMM)
    Depending on nature of business, takes from 3 to 9 months to see sustained results, with site initialization and then ongoing monthly management.

    * Keyword phrase research and selection for targeted, relevant searched-on phrases
    * Configure basic applied SEO inside CMS (wordpress or other) environment
    * Keyword phrase placement into page titles, URL, meta data, H1 text, & content
    * Initial link building to raise value in search engine algorithms
    * Assess market competition positions and assess keywords values for financial viability
    * Blog setup and auto or manual implementation (initial)
    * Creation of AdWords ads that result increased click-throughs
    * Conversion optimization using split test sales funnels with web optimizer and google analytics tools
    * Primary SEM occurs during Optimization Stage (see below)
    * Primary SMM occurs during Maintain Stage (see below)
    * Primary SEO occurs at end of Build Stage (just below)

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    * Initial Analysis
    * Keyword Research + Report
    * Current Ranking Report
    * On Page Optimization
    * Business keywords research
    * Website Initial Technical Analysis
    * Competitor analysis
    * Title Tag Optimization
    * Meta Descriptions Optimization
    * Alt Tag Optimization
    * Anchor Tag Optimization
    * Bold/Strong Words Analysis
    * Header Tags Analysis (H1 etc)
    * Content Optimization
    * Homepage Content Rewrite
    * Recommendations for Loading Time Optimization
    * SEO Friendly URL Rewrite
    * Internal Linking Structure Analysis
    * Robots.txt Optimization
    * XML sitemap creation for Google
    * HTML sitemap creation for user
    * Analytics setup
    * Google analytic account set up
    * Urllist.txt sitemap creation for Yahoo
    * Yahoo webmaster tools creation
    * Google webmaster tools creation
    * Navigational structure optimization
    * Keywords density management
    * Keywords frequency management
    * Internal linking
    * W3c Validation
    * Broken links analysis
    * Blog Creation
    * Off Page Optimization
    * Number of Keywords 15
    * Number of Top 10 Keywords 10
    * Directory Submission 200
    * Social Bookmarking 60
    * Article Writing(300-600 words) 2
    * Article Submission 20
    * Press Release Submission (150-450 words) 1
    * Press Release Submissions 10
    * Theme-base Blog Commenting 15
    * Forum Posting 10
    * Blog submissions 15
    * Blog Creation
    * Google local listing
    * Wordpress blog set up
    * Blogspot Blog set up
    *  Weebly blog set up
    * RSS Feed Submission 10
    * Squidoo lens creation
    * Hub page creation
    * Facebook Profile Creation, Optimization, Promotion
    * Twitter Profile Creation, Optimization, Promotion
    * Classified Submission 20
    * Local Business Listing 10
    * Search Engine Submission 30
    * Other One Way Link Building
    * Monthly Report: Alexa, Ranking, Traffic, Website Grader

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
    * Email marketing is the primary aspect and includes:
    * List building and customer data base management
    * Auto responder design and implementation
    * Advanced PPC developments as described under ‘Optimization Stage’ below
    * Results monitoring and tuning
    * See optimization section below for more SEM regarding conversion optimization

    SMM (Social Media Marketing)
    * Become members to social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, Linkedin, Stumble, Book Marking, etc
    * Develop subject matter, scheduling, and postings of ongoing conversation that draws members to your company site, product, or service.
    * Overlaps into online advertising and SEO for many clients
    * Initial Set-up for SEO, SEM, SMM developments
    * Establish website goals
    * Establish campaign goals
    * Analyze current website (if any)
    * Define & review top online competitors
    * Import search engine accounts onto one of our management platforms
    * Review all ad copy
    * Review all keyword campaigns
    * Review URL destination & desired click path
    * Review campaign restrictions, filters and negative keyword selection
    * Implement the conversion/tracking code
    * Landing page recommendations with mock-ups
    * Video marketing aspects: design and production of the video
    * Call-to-action feedback & recommendations & implementation
    * Pay Per Click campaign recommendations & implementation: (ad copy)
    * Pay Per Click campaign recommendations & implementation: (keywords)
    * Regional targeting strategies, recommendations & implementation (all campaigns)
    * Select Pay Per Click management fees

    (VIII) Implementation of Product Offering Tools and User Interfaces
    * Product design specification or product sourcing
    * Product description copy
    * Competitor research
    * User interface design
    * Software programming
    * Hardware manufacturing
    * Graphics and photos
    * Products descriptions and How-to videos
    * Sales promotions copy
    * Inventory management system
    * Delivery fulfillment system
    * Customer technical support

    (IX) Implementation of Service Offering Tools and User Interfaces
    * Community or team calendar
    * Project management system
    * Customer scheduling system
    * Service fulfillment system

    (X) Adwords PPC (pay per click)
    * Account creation
    * Keyword(s) research
    * Campaigns design
    * Landing page(s) creation
    * Copy writing for conversion
    * Activity monitoring and reporting

    (XI) On Site Advertising (secondary income streams)
    * Coupons: Selling other’s products and services via coupons on your site and you get subscription fee
    * Embed Ads: Selling other’s products and services via ads on your site to get a per-ad PPC commission
    * Sell Ad Space: Selling space on your site for others to place their ads, such as Google Ads or other business’s custom ads
    * Affiliate Marketing: (you are commissioned on other company’s products that are sold from your site)

    (XII) E-commerce Shopping Cart System
    * Entering all the products into the shopping cart system
    * Itemizing products or services and related fees
    * Virtual or physical products, with downloads, or all of these
    * Payment gateway issues
    * Shipping issues
    * Shopping cart page styling redesigned to match site design
    * Future products planning for seamless same layout and design
    * Secure PCI DSS compliant hosting and transferring his site to that,
    * SSL and https setup so all links and images on checkout page are secure
    * State taxes including which states
    * Scale: number of products now and in future
    * Membership subscriptions; integration with payments processes
    * Itemized products or services payment or both
    * Paypal (standard, pro, etc) integration
    * Google shopping cart integration
    * Merchant cards integration (Visa, MasterCard, etc)
    * Database issues – scaling, integration with marketing tools, reporting management, security
    * Shipping – USPS, UPS, FedEx and which transport methods (e.g. ground, 2nd day air, etc.)
    * Hosting – quality of service, package offerings, how much bandwidth, etc.
    * Security issues:
    +++ credit cards need to be PCI DSS compliant with SSL, and dedicated IP
    + ++hosting on a server scanned and audited by a PCI DSS industry recognized company/vendor
    + ++12 standards altogether but not all of them apply to the actual website / hosting environment)

    (XIII) Other Specialized Options
    * Database management system
    * Project management system – for team products or services creation
    * Coupons system – for creation and management of discounted products or services, paid through membership and/or percentage
    * Automated membership levels and subscription system
    * Other specialized plugins, widgets, tools, and applications
    * Creation of landing page company, products, or services videos



    (XIV) Conversion Optimization Campaigns (SEM orientation)
    * Increase click through rate, conversion percentage, number of conversions, decrease cost per conversion, and increase marketing ROI using Google Adwords
    * Define parts and tools required to engage and convert site visitors into paying customers

    (XV) Landing Page Design
    * Custom design and layout provides mechanism for capturing and converting leads into customers
    * Create systematic balance of enticing images and compelling copy to draw user into the offer
    * Adapt design, look and feel to grab attention, compelling them to further discover product benefits
    * Incorporate directional information and processes that lead user to sign up or call for more information
    • Create custom “thank you page” branded with your logo and personalized letter

    (XVI) Adwords Account Management
    * Setup and manage ongoing campaigns within user Adwords account
    * Campaign structuring and restructuring of individual adgroups
    * Updating, changing, adding, and removing keywords
    * Adjusting bids for each adgroup and individual keywords
    * Creating new ads for each adgroup and each keyword phrase
    * Continued monitoring and reporting of the campaign, adgroup, and keyword levels

    (XVII) Conversion Optimization
    The conversion process is a balance of art, copy, and science merging together to improve your bottom line results. Optimization is the result of testing, tracking, and measuring your campaign’s performance and making incremental improvements based on that feedback. These changes can drastically improve your marketing ROI over time.

    (XVIII) Conversion Optimization Services
    Campaign Architecture – Strategic consulting throughout the development of the optimization campaign, ensuring that all agreed upon elements are designed, developed, tested and implemented.

    (XIX) Landing Page Optimization
    By tracking the activity of onsite visitors, we can see exactly where they are entering the site, where they are exiting the site, and where we are losing them in the process. By correctly analyzing and interpreting this data we are able to make improvements to the landing page, ultimately resulting in higher conversions:
    * Installation of Analytics software
    * Data analysis and interpretation
    * Implementing onsite improvements; layout, design, and technical

    (XX) Copy Optimization
    In the same way we are able to track visitor activity for landing page optimization, it is also useful in making improvements to the copy. By performing A/B variable split testing, we are able to make improvements based on scientific feedback. Primary variables include:
    * Pre-headlines
    * Headlines
    * Post headlines
    * Introduction paragraphs
    * Promotional video integration
    * Body copy
    * Relevant images
    * Bullet points
    * Testimonials (or other social proof; awards, personal photos, qualifications, etc.)
    * Credibility Boosters (Better Business Bureau, Professional Associations, In the Media)
    * Call to action
    * The Guarantee (or other risk reversal elements)
    * Limited Opportunity (time restraints, bonuses, or other motivators)
    * The Offer (bundles, bonuses, free gifts, add-ons, value added proposals)

    (XXI) Adwords Optimization
    Not only can the landing page and copy-writing be improved for greater conversions, but the Google Adwords control panel contains a robust set of tracking tools that help to improve the account from within. By properly analyzing and interpreting the data within your account, you will ultimately lower your costs and increase your conversions.
    Optimization Software – Split Testing and Tracking Tools that make it all possible, Google’s Conversion Optimizer and Website Optimizer Software. Installation and maintenance of these products are included in the price.
    Critical points include:
    * A/B split testing ad copy
    * Keyword bidding
    * Ad placement
    * Ad group clustering and optimization
    * Optimizing the budget for each ad group
    * Optimizing the budget for each keyword
    * Optimizing the ad schedule (and other account settings)
    * Keyword monitoring and optimization
    * Strategic growth of campaign

    (XXII) Web Analytics and Tracking
    This web-based program tracks your visitor’s activity online, exposing the areas that need improvement, so that you can optimize your website over time. Features include:
    * Bounce rate tracking
    * Keywords used to find your site
    * Pages visited
    * Average time on site
    * Where your traffic is coming from
    * Geolocation of your visitors

    (XXIII) Conversion Optimization Strategy
    The Strategic Process is imperative to ensuring the campaign flows properly and that all working parts are unified and cooperating in a cohesive manner. Ultimately it starts with the end in mind, conversions, and then employs the plan to make it happen.

    The first month will primarily focus on launching the campaign, establishing the campaign, and stabilizing the campaign.
    * Creating A Compelling Offer – Without this, the rest of your campaign will be a wasted effort.
    * Market Research
    * Keyword research
    * Landing Page Design
    * Adwords Account Creation
    * Installing Tracking and Analytics Software
    * Writing Copy
    * Installing Email Client Software
    * Integration with Shopping Cart
    * Critical Optimization Begins

    Once the first campaign is stabilized, the second month will layer in new campaigns, new products, new keywords, new landing pages, new copy, and new offers. This phase will include continued optimization of the first campaign and optimization of new campaigns.

    The third month will emphasize geographic expansion; targeting geographic keywords, geographic landing pages, etc. Plus, continued optimization of previous and current accounts.

    (XXIV) Email Marketing Campaign
    Web-based software makes it easy to create, distribute, and manage newsletters and follow up marketing via email. Package includes:
    * Customized lead generation strategy to get visitors to sign up
    * Custom-built sign up form strategically located for maximum conversion
    * Online subscription management
    * Newsletter templates graphically designed to be consistent with website
    * Easy-to-use interface for creating newsletters
    * Design of follow-up emails for automated delivery to lead users through sales funnel



    (XXV) Ongoing Site Evolution, Campaign Management, and Website How-To Training
    * Newsletter content and layout, auto responder setup
    * Support in writing initial blog posts content
    * PR writing and distribution of articles and press releases
    * Building an extended client database
    * Further sales landing page, design, and implementation
    * Squeeze page with video, used for draw and list building
    * Training videos on how to use and manage the site
    * Monthly reports showing progress in site rankings, visibility, and traffic
    * Correction of site bugs and overall fine tuning (see ‘critical maintenance’ fee section below)
    * Modify keywords and content based on analyzed trend changes
    * Additional link building to raise search engine value
    * Moderation of blog comments and comments and responses
    * Blog content development
    * Email marketing and list building management
    * Social media selection, marketing, and management
    * Client database management
    * Monthly Ongoing Activity and Reporting
    * Google Analytics Setup
    * Google Webmaster Tools Setup
    * Competitor Analysis and Monitoring
    * Ongoing SEO, SEM, SMM (like any business, marketing is crucial to the evolution of your site)
    * Emphasis on SMM occurs during the ‘maintain stage’

    *Creating a new Facebook fan page.
    *Give their fan page an aesthetic design that will create a “WOW” effect
    *Customizing their Welcome page
    *Acquire Facebook fans
    *Interact with fans and keep them updated
    *Update wall posts by manually or using any automated program in order to drive traffic to their site
    *Link with all other social media networks

    *Create a new LinkedIn account
    *Join with relevant groups for web marketing
    *Network with LinkedIn connections to make business relationships
    *Interact with LinkedIn connections and keep them updated
    *Send messages to group members if any promotional webinars available

    *Create a new Twitter account
    *Design twitter page professionally
    *Acquire targeted Twitter followers
    *Creating some interesting tweets mix up with company updates
    *Shortening long URL with
    *Create tweets with the website URL to drive instant traffic to your site
    *Interact with followers
    *Retweet and sending direct message

    *Create a YouTube video channel
    *Customizing the Youtube channel
    *Creating short videos and upload them to the channel
    *Focus on keyword optimizing for SEO purpose
    *Acquire Youtube friends
    *Subscribe industry level Youtube channels
    *Get more Youtube subscribers and Youtube views
    *Maintain the channel and interacting with subscribers

    (XXVI) Online Collaboration Tools Considerations

    (XXVII) Special or Custom Requirements
    * Items that are unique to a client’s specialized needs and are not specified above