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How are you planning to grow your business? What is your marketing strategy?

Did you know that over 90% believe that having a website is important to marketing their business? And that almost 50% of all small business owners plan to grow their business by creating or improving their company’s website and online presence? Are you one of these businesses? You need to be, because the old ways of doing business are quickly changing.

One trillion web pages?! How online marketing helps business happen.

What is the Impact of Internet on Marketing?

With a sea of over 1 trillion web pages online and growing every day, it makes for a rather crowded place to be. How can your customers possibly find your business, let alone actually buy something from you? Well, although it takes focus and work just like any business, it’s actually a simple formula.

Foot traffic vs web traffic.

It interesting to learn that brick and mortar businesses need ‘foot traffic’ to sell their goods. This means people have to actually physically come to their shop and buy a product or service that you are selling.

With small business internet marketing techniques, we don’t think in terms of ‘foot traffic’ but instead in terms of ‘web traffic’.

This means that people are finding you and coming to your ‘virtual’ door step, which is your website. Then, you either sell products to them online, they call you, or you get them to come down to your brick and mortar store to buy from you there.

Either way, by adding WEB TRAFFIC SOLUTIONS AND SALES CONVERSION OPTIMIZATIONS to your website, you are increasing the number of real people that will find your company and eventually buy your products and services.


What is Push vs Pull Marketing?


A simple way to define internet marketing process

With the dawn of the internet, a shift in the internet marketing blueprint has occurred in how we are marketing our companies.

Using targeted internet marketing techniques, we can now bring in volumes more people to our small business shops.

The way we get our clients to come to our store (whether virtual or physical) is no longer by ‘PUSHING’ your information out to them, hoping to convince a few passer’s-by to buy your product. Instead small business internet marketing uses an informational ‘PULL’ approach, which is actually the opposite of old school marketing techniques.

Let me explain more …

Each of us can now research how and what our customers are looking by gathering and assessing live online data. With the amazing tools available to us, we can determine what people are looking for our business offerings and determine the actual language that they are using to look for it.

Then by leveraging this real data, we can adapt this valuable knowledge toward effectively promoting your website, and thus your business. Do you get it?!

By aligning this researched information, we can determine hidden niche markets and attract constant ongoing traffic to your site. This can be done in even large industries that would otherwise not be available to the small business person, but now it is … if you know how to do access it.

This takes the concept of TARGETED MARKETING to a whole new level.

Once in place (i.e. it’s designed into your website), you no longer need to spend a fortune in marketing dollars ‘PUSHING’ your business product information out through old school marketing delivery channels.

Instead, your customers now come to you by being ‘PULLED’ into your site because the products that they are searching for exactly matches their needs and shows up at the top of the search engines.

Then ‘click’ is what your new customer will do next, taking them right to your business website. All done through interactive online searching technology.

It’s so cool!

See the difference between push and pull marketing? … And guess what?

The ‘Pull’ is Winning!

That’s right – pull marketing is rapidly rising, winning over push marketing.

The reason you are here on this page reading this information is because you (or someone who referred you here), or found this page via a search on key words phrases relating to small business internet marketing. This phrase I researched and found to be an open targeted niche in the web design industry. When you clicked the link, you were being ‘pulled’ to my site, which is done in the background by using some very specialized tools and techniques.

As a part of the market research and assessment process, I found out that 100 people a day use this specific phrase to search for their internet marketing needs, which makes for a nice small stream of people coming to my doorstep each and every day.

I then determined that I could get the page you are on right now to be on the first page of Google’s search engine, and eventually within the TOP 10 POSITIONS, which carries 98% of the clicks that anyone chooses when searching for information.

Once I knew this, I addressed Google’s visibility algorithms and designed this page to specifically meet their search engine optimization SEO placement requirements. Within a couple months, this page moved near the top 10 click-able positions on the first page of Google. When it did, traffic began to move over my company’s virtual doorstep. That is, I got phone calls requesting my services.

The cool part is, I can do the same for you.


How to Spend Your Next Marketing Dollars


What is your marketing budget? Do you have one?

Most of us small business folks don’t even have one because the cost made even considering a good marketing strategy unaffordable. This is no longer true.

Now, the advantages of internet marketing override the disadvantages of internet marketing. Small businesses can spend much less and get greater and greater returns by using small business internet marketing techniques.

Fact is, you can now reduce risking your marketing money by investing your valuable dollars in small business internet marketing and be more assured that you will get a return. Why?

Because quantitatively managing the activity on the internet is far far more implementable than gambling on old traditional brick and mortar marketing techniques.

Using the statistics on your business and related industry trends, we can apply today’s amazing online tools to help us map, measure, and monitor effectiveness of your small business internet marketing activities. And we can make quick adjustments that don’t take a team of researchers and bazillions of dollars to do it.

This means that the best marketing techniques are now available to us small business folks and not just corporate tycoons.

Internet marketing tools and techniques are making business growth for the small company owner more possible than ever.

So tell me: How will you spend your next marketing dollars?

Website Traffic Builder Solution


What are your internet marketing objectives?

For only a few high ROI bucks, we will help you create more business than you’ve ever been able do for this small amount of cash. This small investment will become one of the best things you’ve ever done to grow your business.

Hire me to build a special web page for you that is targeted, fully optimized, and integrated into your existing business opportunity. In return, you will see an increase in the number of people coming to your website within a couple of months.

Don’t have a website yet?

If you’re a new startup business and you still do not have a website, it may be time to consider it.

Somewhat like the days of the yellow pages, it was a primary vehicle for cost effective promotion. But no more. Websites have replaced this paradigm.

So, if you need a site that’s more than just a pretty picture, I can help with that too. For a couple of bucks, you’ll be expanding your business opportunities many many fold. I know how to put your business online, and can increase real activity by bringing more real people to your doorstep.

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