Using Online Tools To Power-up Your Small Business


Virtual businesses are a growing workplace norm

A combination of web technology and a world of struggling economies are changing the way we work.

Online tools are being used to connect, share, plan, and get virtually any kind of work done, on any project, at any time, from anywhere, in the world. And ‘Virtual Assistance’, from basic administration to expert advice, is becoming an emerging industry that is helping to meet the needs of an ever-growing online work trend.

It is helping business to move toward a different way to get things done by cutting company expenses and actually improving productivity.

This wave of the future is here, and it’s simplifying our lives, increasing team interaction and efficiency, and even reducing pollution through reduced travel. All while allowing the best of us to be more productive, getting more done, while creating more opportunities for customers to find what we have to offer. This especially rings true for the small business person.

Use the power of virtual tool technologies to get more business

Did you know that there are over 5,000 usable online tools right now? With new ones showing up almost every day. For example, check out this tools list managed by an established virtual tools research institute. Everything you’ll ever need to become an online collaboration tools guru is here, with many of the tools being free.

What do you need to improve your company? I’ll help you find the latest in online tool recommendations that will make your small business more productive.

Essential online tools for the virtual business tool bag

In today’s emerging business world, knowledge of online tools is required. For the small business or startup, they must be:

  1. Used to improve collaboration and productivity,
  2. Help getting work done easier, and
  3. Be free or low-cost.

Below are tool resources that will help you select solutions to get work done – from basic documentation, to strategic planning and project management, to online team collaboration.

The tools themselves are not enough however, as you’ll need expertise to know which tools, for what activity, and how to combine them for effective solutions. That’s where I come in. Contact me with your questions regarding online tools. Meantime, here’s three tool resources that I use when considering business applications:

Tools for getting work done virtually

There is so much more! Move into the virtual world of online tools and technology.
Contact me for a conversation about how you can leverage online technology to improve your business …and your lifestyle.
I can help you get there.